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Online Poker WSOP Champions

Gambling for profit at the beginning of the twentieth century was usually associated with national sporting and current events, such as horse races and election predictions. Many small-scale gamblers were in the practice of routinely participating in regularly scheduled card games. Some players, known as rounders, were even know to travel around in search gambling opportunities, making a living off of the small fortunes they attempted to amass by playing a series of low-risk local games. The profits that these card sharks chased were insignificant, especially in comparison to the income traditional urban bookies were able to take in from a single night's work.

The first major card tournament is generally recognized as the 1970 WSOP. This event transformed a cultural tradition into a widely recognized sporting event and changed the way we look at gambling forever. The earliest WSOP tournaments had a surprising influence on the course of the game's history; it exposed an immense desire amongst gaming fans everywhere to participate in real money card games on their own level. The popularity of early WSOP tournaments also allowed several young poker champions to fulfill their destiny as the forefathers of the online poker empire.

Information about contemporary WSOP tournaments is available at trusted poker online resources such as Poker.ca and Ultimate bet poker. One of reasons that the game's community of fans remains so strong despite the current online casino craze is that many of the industry's leaders are former professional card players themselves devoted to bringing up-to-the- minute information to today's tight-knit gambling enthusiasts.