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Sitting Down To Play

Which Video Poker Machine
Making your first choice of which Video Poker machine to play can often be a daunting one. From what you've read so far on this site, you already know that the payout for each hand is important, and every distinct payout schedule deserves to be looked at and analyzed. For this reason, as a beginner, your best bet is to stick to a tried and true machine.

Tough Decisions
Decisions are what Video Poker is all about. Much like Blackjack, another game of skill, what you choose to do with what you're presented on each hand has a direct effect on your chances of winning that hand. As this skillfulness in decision-making varies, so too does the house edge.

Video Poker Payback Volatility
Short-term fluctuations are both the bad side and the beautiful bit of Video Poker. They're the bad bit when you sit down to play, lose a few hands in a row and have to walk away a hundred bucks down. They're beautiful when you realize you're up by a bunch after only 20 minutes and decide now would be a good time to leave.

Jacks or Better Strategy Card
To use this strategy you simply look at the hand you've been dealt, then compare it the list. The highest hand on the list that it matches are the cards you should keep. So start at the top of the jacks or better strategy card list and work down until you've found a match. Keep the combination of cards that matches the listing and discard the rest.

Deuces Wild Strategy Card
For Deuces Wild you have to present two different strategy chars based on the number of deuces in your initial hand. If you're confused as to what 'two gaps' means, read up on our Jacks or Better strategy card page.