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Tough Decisions

Decisions are what Video Poker is all about. Much like Blackjack, another game of skill, what you choose to do with what you're presented on each hand has a direct effect on your chances of winning that hand. As this skillfulness in decision-making varies, so too does the house edge.

The best way to play blackjack perfectly is with a basic blackjack strategy chart, which maps out each decision for you. Video Poker strategy charts can be arrived at the same way (computers are used for both) and give similar advice. Strategy cards for Video Poker often claim 'expert strategy' status, meaning they claim to be a refined strategy that will truly get you as much as possible out of the particular machine it's written for.

Since there are many card combinations which can be held / discarded in a number of ways, the right choices aren't always obvious. When you run into this situation, you check your trusty expert strategy card and dive in.

Although you may have done the research and chosen your machine, a beauty with full return and all, it's still just a machine, you're not playing it yet. Just like if it was just a car, one capable of 200MPH, it still wouldn't be any good if you couldn't drive it, and it wouldn't hit 200 unless you could drive it well. The same is true of the Video Poker machine; you need to be able to play it to win it, and you're chances of success are better when playing off of a strategy card.

When you go to the casino, you can bring as many non-electronic aids with you as you like, just no computers. Playing video poker online however gives you the freedom to use your own PC software to analyze the pay table of an online casinos machine. Very handy.

Now would be a good time to have a look at the actual strategy charts.